KISS is kicking!

We recently launched the project "KISS: the key to social sustainability", funded by the European Commission and coordinated by Nexes working with an international partnership of agencies and institutions from France, Greece, Italy and Spain. The kick-off meeting lasted 3 days and it outlined the interventions and actions that will be undertaken at both local and international level in the upcoming months.

The project aims to contribute in promoting the sustainability of the initiatives of Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) between its current actors and those young people who want to enter the sector. One of the major challenges faced by associations, cooperatives and other initiatives of the SSE, as well as those young social entrepreneurs, is the high dependence of their initiatives from public subsidies. This lack of sustainability (economic, but also social, environmental, of labor and political) conditions and makes them more vulnerable.

The participating organisations are: Kaleido’Scop France, MIFE Loire Sud France, C.I.A. Greece, Camera di Commercio di Torino Italy, EuropeanVillage Greece, Stranaidea Italy, Mescladís Spain, Nexes Spain.