The fantastic journey of KISS PROJECT in Athens!

Amazing people full of energy and enthusiasm were gathered and exchanged knowledge and expertise on SSE. During the week, we visited some of the most interesting projects, cooperatives and solidarity initiatives of Athens. We understood the importance of Sydagma Square Movement (May 2011) as it was the starting point of many SSE projects. We visited Plato's Academy Park where European Village is based. Although this is the place where Plato the famous philosopher used to teach, the area is poor and 100% neglected by the state. We saw how solidarity and SSE initiatives gave life to the park and during the last 10 years transformed the neighborhood in a positive way. Moreover, we spent a day visiting social centers, SSE projects and squats in Exarheia. We had the opportunity to learn the history of this neighborhood of Solidarity and Resistance and its relationship with SSE. We visited EFSYN, a cooperative and one of the biggest newspapers of Greece. We also met Kostas an employee of VIOME. VIOME is a self managed factory of cleaning products that is based in Thessaloniki and sells its products in Greece and abroad.

What are their successes and what are the challenges they face? The majority of the projects are independent and refuse to take financial aid from the state or any other institution. You can breath solidarity, passion and freedom in the Greek Ecosystem of SSE, but how much can this lack of funds influence negatively the sustainability of the projects? Can independence be a strength and a challenge at the same time? You will find the answers to all the above questions in the booklet that will be prepared at the end of KISS PROJECT.

Now we are ready for a new adventure!

Next stop Turin!!

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